Heat transfer model of a 1 kWth solar reactor for thermal dissociation of ZnO and SnO2 compressed powders


The high-temperature solar processes are one of the promising alternatives to carry out materials transformations for chemical industry, like the calcinations of calcium carbonate for solar production of lime or cement, production of activated charcoal, etc. The production of energy carriers, such as the hydrogen, is a preponderant application that is focused on hydrocarbons substitution, along with very low or null greenhouse gas emissions. This method has the advantage of producing long-term storable and transportable energy carriers from solar energy. The thermochemical hydrogen production through water splitting is one of the most promising routes to obtain “solar hydrogen”.

H.I. Villafán Vidales, S. Abanades, H. Romero-Paredes, C.A. Estrada and C.A. Arancibia-Bulnes

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