E. Anguera, R. Pérez-Enciso, C.A. Pérez-Rábago, Arancibia-Bulnes C.A., C.A. Estrada


The  evaluation  of  the  first  prototypes  of  radiative  flux  homogenizers,  for  concentration photovoltaic applications,  were  tested  in  the  High  Flux  Solar Furnace (HoSIER),  at  the Institute  of  Renewable  Energies  at  UNAM. As  a  part  of the  design, homogenizers  were modeled and simulated with distinct geometries for a variable length, through the ray trace software  SOLTRACE.  A  square  were  selected  as  a  transversal  area  of  the  homogenizer, since it presents the best uniformity value in the distribution of radiative flux intensities for a target placed at 1m of distance from the focus. In order to corroborate the computational experiments two hollows homogenizers with square transversal area sand reflective interior walls were  built, one  with  front  surface  mirrors  and  the  other  with  back  surface  mirrors both of 50 cm of length, and they were characterized taking pictures with a CCD camera, by scanning the length.

Diseño y caracterización de prototipos de homogeneizadores de alto flujo radiativo para el HoSIER

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