Norma Rodríguez-Muñoz, N. A., Carlos A. Pérez-Rábago, Fernando Hinojosa-Palafox, Claudio A. Estrada.


In the solar central tower systems, receivers that allow the absorption of concentrated sunlight are used to transfer thermal energy into a fluid. In the design of solar thermal receivers, several aspects are to be considered: reliability of the material surface, efficient heat transfer and the reduction of thermal losses. Therefore, volumetric thermal receivers have great potential for the production of thermal energy and have become an attractive option. This study numerically analyzes behavior of temperature and velocity profiles in a volumetric receiver. Temperature and velocity fields in several depths of the receiver are analyzed; this study provides preliminary results useful for a future experimental study. A parametric study of effects such a variation of velocity at the inlet of the receptor and two different boundary conditions are presented.

Transferencia de calor en receptores volumétricos para sistemas de energía solar térmica

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